Monday, 25 August 2014

monument hill recount

I remember when Miss nicola took us to monument hill and I looked at the beautiful view and the beautiful flowers. As the tree swang and the birds sang their songs it was like I was sitting on top of the world. We took a photo and we had to walk up the hill. Miss nicola recorded us singing Toru mai. As me and my friend went down the hill we went to look at the flowers. As we looked at the flowers my friend pania when to pick one up and smell it. She sat by the swaying tree and I had a photo with miss nicola. We went by the birds. They were in the trees. We had to go to school and miss Nicola walked us back.


  1. It was good working with you on your punctuation......looks great doesn't it? Now you might like to try using some adverbs in your writing!

  2. very good story telling passion proud of how you blended your words together to make sense very good keep it up.

  3. Peace told me to tell you hi:)Hahaha