Friday, 14 October 2016

Recount about the holidays

My holiday

In the holidays  me and my sister went to our dad’s house. He came to pick us up on Saturday. My sister and I  packed our clothes to stay there for some nights. it was cool to go there because our cousins were there. There names are  Tatyana and kimiora. they are sister.

Then we left to the countdown to do some shopping.

after that we went to our aunty bubba’s house to see our cousins. so we stayed there for two nights. When We got there they were watching  movies.

After two nights  we went to our  nanny’s house for three nights. we went to ngawha spring for a swim. first we got ready then we went to the gas station to make us a nice and sweet hot chocolate. next we went to ngawha springs for a swim  when we got there we change into our togs then we went to the doctor it was 43 c it  was the hottest one out of all of them.  after that we got changed and went back home.

The next day we went to the tangi with our grandad. when we got there me and my cousins and sister were shy.

Even those it was sad i still had a good holiday.